About Me

My name is Dean Maloney, a senior marketing student studying at Siena College. As a 2013 graduate of Shaker High School, I have a profound love to New York State’s Capital Region as I have committed to making my home a better place for everyone.

Along with my studies at Siena College, I am working part time for a cybersecurity consulting firm, GreyCastle Security. My rewarding experience at GreyCastle Security has allowed me to implement a unique blend of my knowledge of strategic marketing with meaningful cybersecurity practices to halt cybercrime against American institutions.

Although I love everything about Upstate New York, I am a die-hard Detroit Lions fan! Together, we will get into why the Lions are the best team in the NFL and why they will see a Super Bowl ring in the near future.

In conclusion, I am a very opinionated individual. I want my blog to spark conversations so we can all learn together. So please, comment and share your thoughts. Who knows, you might be able to sway my opinion!

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