Day: November 6, 2016

Dean’s Email Marketing Analysis

In today’s market, an effective way for marketers to reach current and prospective consumers is through email marketing. Not only does email marketing incur small costs, it can be used as an effective tool to drive revenue growth and yield a high return on investment. Email marketing, along with many other digital marketing tactics, is easily measured through analytics.

As a consumer, I have experienced email marketing campaigns to try and sway my purchasing decisions. Most recently, I have been receiving marketing emails from Constant Contact (this is ironic because they are an email marketing software provider). The reason that Constant Contact has access to my email address is because I use to volunteer for a local non-profit where I wanted to leverage their email/contact list. I initiated the company’s account and used my personal email address for the account’s address.

Usually, I never open Constant Contacts’ emails directed to me even when they usually send about two per week. With this assignment – it has driven me to open and analyze the last two emails I have received. The subject line of the last email was “Visit us at the New York Expo next week.” This subject line was enticing to me because I am always looking for conferences to increase my knowledge. The content of the email (below) did match the subject line.


By studying the content of this email, the call-to-action is for me to click on the red button and register for their expo for free. The timing of the event did not work for me so I did not click on the link. The design of this email was simple and straight to the point.

The obvious goal of this email was to advertise their event to users that are familiar to their product. In that regard, this email succeeded. I believe, however, that this was sent to a segmented list as it is advertising an expo in New York City. Since the event is only one day, it is not worth advertising nationally or internationally. That is why I believe that this list was geographically segmented to all users in New York State. In the future, I should expect a follow-up email about the same event.

Constant Contact sent me a second email with the subject line: “Discover the great features in your account.” The email is shown below:


 The purpose of this email was to bring awareness to their newly implemented features. I believe that although effective, there is too many links. Since I am already aware of many of these features, I did not click on any of the links. In my opinion, this email was also sent to all the users and was not segmented.

In conclusion, both emails provided me with a path to unsubscribe to give me the option to no longer receive these emails. If you wish to read more about email marketing, I suggest you read Hubspot’s blog on email marketing as it provides further analysis on effective tactics to use.