How Strategic Planning Works

Hello all, This past week has been a great week for my blog. Recently, I have been getting a large number of readers and viewers on my blog. I currently have 230 views which is about a quarter way to my semester goal of 1,000! I have noticed that Facebook has been a great outlet to get my blog recognized. I am fortunate enough to have great friends and family “share” my blog on Facebook which has resulted in over 180 views! Therefore, I have connected my blog to update my Facebook friends and family whenever a new post of mine is published.

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We spent the past week in our Advertising class discussing the importance of strategic planning. Not just strategic planning of one’s advertising campaigns, but for organizations as a whole. Strategic planning is defined as the process of which an organization decides on how to allocate their resources to pursue their long term direction or strategy of choice. The four processes of this process include:

  • Identify a Problem
  • Determining Objectives
  • Deciding on Strategies
  • Implementing Tactics

I’m not going to go into detail on how this works and give you step-by-step lecture. Why? Because nobody will want to read my blog and I will never reach 1,000 hits. With that being said, I will talk about the strategic planning of the most important kind of brand, an individual’s brand, because I believe that it is more important that any type of company.

  1. Steven Cox

Steve is a great friend of mine. Out of all my collegiate friends, I believe that he is the most motivated, realistic, and focused on his professional future that is rapidly approaching. I immediately approached Steve, who recognized his problem, he was a college student without a job. In order for Steve to land his career aspirations, his objectives are to gain his Master’s Degree at SUNY Oswego where we then plans to work for a certified public accounting firm. While employed he plans to spend his time and money in pursue of his CPA in order to work in corporate finance and eventually become a CFO.

Steve plans to accomplish his objectives through working hard while as an undergraduate student and transferring that into a potential job through networking with various professionals on Linkedin (Steve’s LinkedIn, Check it out.. smart student with a lot to offer). There’s is no doubt in my mind that Steve will not succeed based solely on his thorough strategic plan.

2.  Sam Derico

Another great friend of mine is Sam Derico. Sam is in his third year at Becker College, Massachusetts studying Sports Management. He plans to one day land a job with his Sports Management Degree from Becker College locally in the Capital Region, New York. He aspires to have a job that is comfortable to him through networking in his professional field.

Sam is in a great position in comparison to his competition due to his strategic plan after college graduation.

3.  Chris Landers

Lastly, I would like to talk about another aspiring college student. Chris is currently enrolled at Hudson Valley Community College studying Criminal Justice. In talking to Chris, his “dream job” is to be a youth advocate who works with troubled youth through juvenile delinquency who have had problems growing up. He hopes to achieve this by working and using his time with children at Colonie Youth Center and establish relationships with the kids, parents, and other people in the industry.

I have complete confidence that Chris has the skills to succeed and with his strategy!

I hope you guys enjoyed my real life examples of how strategic planning should be done. Stay tuned for next week to see what is up for discussion!


Dean Maloney from Siena College


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